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Our property policy is designed to include coverage extensions that provide you with the additional assurance of a broad insurance program. Examples of covered real property include buildings, air cascade units for on-premises use, exterior signs and permanently installed fixtures, machinery, and equipment. Examples of covered contents include furniture, office equipment, and base stations.

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Coverage Highlights
  • Automatic guaranteed replacement coverage for buildings/real property (no dollar limit)

  • Coverage provided for the perils of earthquake and flood with no sub-limit, unlike standard programs

  • Coverage for higher reconstruction costs resulting from the enforcement of local or state building codes (including the “Americans with Disabilities Act”)

  • Full replacement cost with no dollar limit or deductible for personal effects of your employees or volunteers, should they be stolen or damaged while at your station

  • Replacement cost coverage for commandeered property (other than autos)

  • Loss of Income – Actual Loss Sustained

  • Money & Securities*

  • Computer software*, including loss caused by computer virus

  • Deductible waiver for covered losses under multiple VFIS policies

*Up to extension limit stated on policy.

  • Guaranteed replacement cost coverage

  • Personal effects of your personnel are covered at full replacement cost without limit when performing official duties

  • Borrowed equipment coverage

  • Automatic coverage for watercraft not exceeding 100 HP (watercraft over 100 HP must be scheduled)

  • Any jet skis or wave runners used for rescue-related purposes with blanket coverage

  • Deductible waiver for covered losses under multiple VFIS policies

  • Drone Coverage available with trained operators in accordance with FAA rules of ESO’s use.

Portable Equipment
Coverage Highlights

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