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Accident & Sickness Coverage
  • Occupational Retraining Benefit 

  • Other Optional Coverage available 

  • Covers All Classes of Membership equally 

  • Covered for All Normal Duties, including travel to and from those activities 

  • Loss of Life

  • Weekly Disability Benefits 

  • Lump Sum Permanent Physical Impairment 

  • Lifetime Weekly Income for Permanent Physical Impairments 

  • Medical Benefits


Don’t rely solely on workers’ compensation. Protect your members with

VFIS Accident & Sickness coverage.

24-hour on and off-duty coverage for heart attacks, cancer, stroke, kidney failure and accidental death.

Fire and emergency service organizations throughout North America have relied on VFIS’ Accident and Sickness Program to cover emergency service-related accidents and illnesses, including heart attacks.

However, many heart and circulatory-related claims may not be covered by workers’ compensation or accident & sickness policies. Coverage questions may arise because the heart condition manifested itself after a covered event, a treating or consulting physician determined the event did not cause the heart problem, or for other reasons. 

Cancer is another disease on the minds of individuals involved in emergency services. Many have no coverage under an accident & sickness program and limited, if any, coverage available through workers’ compensation. Now, with the VFIS’ Critical Illness Insurance Program, your emergency service personnel can receive a lump sum cash benefit when diagnosed with a heart attack, stroke, or life-threatening cancer.

Coverage is provided on a 24-hour on and off-duty basis. 


Please contact one of our agents for a proposal with a detailed explanation of cancers covered and other conditions of coverage.

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Critical Illness Insurance
Coverage Highlights
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